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  • Download Sony Xperia Z4/Z3+ Launcher APK

    sony xperia z4 z3+ launcher app

    Here is new launcher from the Sony Xperia Z4/Z3+ handset, that is company’s flagship of the year 2015. The new Sony home screen app allows you to change the icon size, a first between OEM major launchers. About installation. Well, the launcher is not install-able directly using the APK, but you need to push it to system folder manually […]

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  • New S Voice app from Galaxy S4


    Remember S Voice? Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri? Introduced with the Galaxy S3 last year, the voice assistance app has naturally made its way to the Galaxy S4 as well, and thanks to Sammobile the new version from the Galaxy S4 is now available for download. With S Voice, you can perform a whole of different tasks […]

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  • MediaFire Android App coming soon!


    MediaFire is one of the best free file hosting service out there, as it allows free users to download files without any limitations on speed, time or number of files downloaded together, and is the file host of choice for many. And soon, MediaFire users will be able to upload and manage files on their account […]

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  • Vocal Scientific Calculator for Android, with support for voice, themes, widget, text-to-speech and currency converter!


    If making calculations on your Android device is something you often do, then the app Vocal Scientific Calculator is a great app to have on your smartphone or tablet. Vocal Scientific Calculator allows simple and scientific calculation functions like just any other calculator app, but also adds tons of features on top, like the ability to shake […]

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  • New Google Search APK


    Update: Download the latest Google Now APK file from here. Google Now, the personalized Google Search app found on Jelly Bean Android 4.1 which displays information cards to the user relevant to their usage patterns, has got a new update which adds support for information cards for movie showtimes, giving public alerts such as warnings […]