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  • Play Services APK Download 10.0.84 / 9.8.77

    Recently added in 10.0.84: 030-137749526, 032-137749526, 034-137749526, 036-137749526, 038-137749526, 070-137749526, 230-137749526, 234-137749526, 236-137749526, 238-137749526, 248-137749526, 270-137749526, 430-137749526, 434-137749526, 436-137749526, 438-137749526, 440-137749526, 446-137749526, 448-137749526, 470-137749526 and 876-137749526 (Android TV is 876). Also: 240-137749526, 280-137749526, 480-137749526, 836-137749526 and 846-137749526. Update [November 03, 2016]: Only four days after the .83 version hit us, there is a new version of the Google Play Services APK available. It’s Play Service 10.4.84 […]

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  • Download WhatsApp APK Version 2.16.103

    WhatsApp just released a new version of their beta version of the app, 2.16.103. For those interested in the latest beta, and thus latest features of the WhatsApp app, can download the app form below. → Download WhatsApp 2.16.103 (beta) Remember, this is a beta version, so there are chances some things wouldn’t be right […]

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  • Download New Play Store APK 6.2.13

    Update: New version is now available and you can download it from here: Google Play Store APK v6.7.12. There is a new update out for the Google Play Store, formerly known as Android Market. The new version of the Play Store is 6.2.13 (full version being 6.2.13.A-all[0] 2655766. Download the Play Store 6.2.13 from below. Installing, or updating, […]

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  • Download Google Play APK 6.1.2

    Update: New version of the Google Play Store APK v6.7.12 is available now! Update: New version of Google Play Store APK 6.1.2 added! Google is redesigning the Play Store, and with the latest APK, you get to play with the redesign. Download the APK of latest Play Store from below, so that you get all new […]

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  • Download Google Play APK 5.6.8

    Update: New version available. Find the latest Google Play Store APK v6.7.12 here. A new update has hit the Google Play app, upgrading its version to v5.6.8 from 5.6.6. A minor upgrade no doubt, but if like us you always want to use the latest version, here’s the download link of the latest APK and reference to […]

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  • Download Sony Xperia Z4/Z3+ Launcher APK

    Here is new launcher from the Sony Xperia Z4/Z3+ handset, that is company’s flagship of the year 2015. The new Sony home screen app allows you to change the icon size, a first between OEM major launchers. About installation. Well, the launcher is not install-able directly using the APK, but you need to push it to system folder manually […]

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  • Download Cyanogenmod 11/12 (CM11/12) Apps APK

    The most popular custom ROM, the Cyanogenmod, which is now also gracing the phone as pre-installed Cyanogen OS, is still the best custom ROM for many. And that’s not just down to the incredibly simple and must-have features it comes laden with, but also to its amazing proprietary apps like file manager, camera, launcher, DSP […]