Android Update, News, Apps and Hacks

Latest Android Distribution Numbers are in – Jelly Bean rises, Gingerbread falls

Google and Team Android wish everyone Happy Holidays through a cute new video!

Google+ for Android gets a huge update and new features including Profile Editing, animated GIF support, communities and Photo Sphere support

Android overtakes Apple in Australia, with 44% market share.

Sony dethrones HTC to take second place in the UK in Android sales, Samsung still numero uno

Googler’s comic illustration of the Android evolution includes references to Key Lime Pie!

Googler: Android is ‘closer to our vision’ on its 5th B’Day

New tech vows to double your smartphones battery life

Rooting and Jailbreaking approved by Law for phones, not tablet’s game yet

ZTE planning a mobile OS with Mozilla to reduce reliability on Android

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