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  • LG G4 may just be cheaper than the Galaxy S6


    So the LG G4 is almost here and even before its launch, speculations and comparisons between the G4 and other flagships — most notably the Galaxy S6 — have already started, covering everything from features to price. While early reports put the G4 as costlier than the S6, a recent post at the German website WinFuture says […]

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  • Samsung to offer dual-camera devices in 2016


    Most of us — at least those who have been around for the past 5-6 years — have witnessed the shifting of major tectonic plates in the smartphone world. The changes we have witnessed, the improvements in everything from size to display to cameras have been truly staggering with manufacturers vying with each other to […]

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  • Guess who is coming back next year?


    So the Microsoft-Nokia deal — that resulted in the complete disappearance of the latter from the market — is set to expire next year and we can expect the company to be back with a bang. After going through some pretty bad times, the company is all set to make a complete comeback and what’s more, […]