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  • Use Android Pay on Google Pixel and Pixel XL with unlocked bootloader using a SafetyNet patch

    A new patch allows Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners to use Android Pay even if their device bootloader has been unlocked. Unlocking the bootloader on your smartphone gives you more power over your device. However, OEM’s aren’t too favorable to it and usually when someone unlocks the bootloader on a device, some features are […]

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  • PSA: Android Pay no longer works with Unlocked Bootloader, gives “We could not verify your software” error

    Google has just turned their back to the developers by completely isolating bootloader unlocked devices from SafetyNet checks. Meaning you’ll no longer be able to use Android Pay if you’ve an unlocked bootloader on your device, let alone root access. As of now, only Android Pay seems to be making use of the new SafetyNet check but we wouldn’t […]

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  • Android Pay Root fix solves “Android pay cannot be used” error

    If you are trying to use Android pay app while also donning root for your Superuser needs, then you have probably already run into the title-mentioned error “Android pay cannot be used”. Well, there is a fix available make Android pay work with while keeping root access on a device, that allows you to add cards easily too. To use Android […]

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  • How to Use Android Pay on a Rooted Device

    [ecko_toggle style=”solid” state=”closed” title=”Previous updates (3)”]    [/ecko_toggle] Google yesterday released Android Pay in the USA and the service will soon expand to other parts of the world as it gains traction, but what must be a burning question for you, us and many other like-minded folks is “Does Android Pay works on a rooted device?” Well, NO. Right now, Android […]

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  • Android Pay Security

    Google announced Android Pay earlier today, a new service for Android that let’s you make payments directly from your Android device. It saves you the hassle and risk of handing out your Credit/Debit card to unknown hands. Android Pay will work on all NFC enabled Android devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above. As of now, the service […]