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  • Android 4.2 features

    Google may not have been able to host their event earlier today because of Hurricane Sandy, but who said announcements could only be made at a live event? A few minutes ago, Google announced four new Nexus devices over its official blog, including availability details as well as pricing. Take that, Sandy! Both, the Nexus 4 and […]

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  • Google announces New Build System for Android

    If you are familiar with the world of Android application development, you would be aware of the 2 most widely used build systems in this space, which are Eclipse and Ant. Both have their own fair share of followers and adopters, who would swear by their chosen build system. However, like all programming systems, each […]

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  • AndroPlatina Utilites: Root, Flash Kernels, Install Apps, Backup ROMs etc via GUI

    All-in-one toolkits and utilities are available in large numbers for different Android devices, but not many of them can claim to be all-in-one for multiple devices. Aiming to put his C++ skills to use for the good of the community, XDA Recognized Contributor varun.chitre15 has released AndroPlatina Utilities, an all-in-one toolkit that supports many different Android devices. As for […]