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  • Android Market Updated to v3.4.4 (apk file available)

    Android Market v3.4.4 Update

    NOTE: The Android Market is known as Google Play store now. And the web version, market.android.com has been changed by Google to play.google.com/store. icon-bell-o Play Store APK Updated Below are the most recent versions of Play Store: [posts-by-tag tags = “google-play-apk” number = “5”] Google has just updated the Android Market to version 3.4.4. A few changes have been made, […]

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  • Android Market to Get In-App Payments by May 2011

    Android updates more often than any other platform in the world. Yet, the feature that is very often rumored and very much highly cherished by developers, In-App Payments system for the android market, hasn’t made it to launch date. In-App payments system allow developers to provide an option in their application which lets users — […]