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  • M is for Android 6.0 Marshmallow!

    Android 6.0

    Google just released the new and probably final Android M developer Preview 3 build, MPA44G, but that wasn’t all it had for announcement for today. As the company, now under Sundar Pichai, just let it be known to world that Android M is indeed Android 6.0 (not 5.2!), and that it would be called Marshmallow. […]

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  • Google Nexus 6 Android M Root is here!

    Nexus 6 Android M Root

    Android M root solution is available for Nexus 6 now, something you have been missing ever since you upgraded to latest Android OS (preview). We think many people with Nexus 6 were resisting the Android M update till a root solution was available. Thanks to DespairFactor, the root-not-available-yet period is gone, as you can root your Nexus […]

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  • Nexus 5 Android M Root is now available

    Nexus 5 Android M Root

    With universal root package SuperSU simply not working on Android M, we’re left with no root solution when upgrading to Android latest build. Thankfully, things have got better now, as Android M root for Nexus 5 is now available, and it’s simply enough — you only need to flash the new 2.49 beta version of […]

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  • Android M features: Sound profile fixes


    One of the biggest issues with Android Lollipop were the messy sound profiles. The Lollipop UI — for reasons best known to Google itself — not only behaves in ways different from the previous versions, but also has a whole bunch of unexplained responses to user inputs where sound profiles are concerned. For example, something […]

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  • Android M features: The doze mode


    Android M’s Doze mode has been attracting much attention due to the battery optimization it supposedly provides. During the testing phase, the Doze mode apparently reduced the power consumption of the device by drastic amounts increasing the standby time by twice. The Doze mode puts apps into a low-power state that keeps them from consuming much power. However, there may be apps that […]

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  • New Google Search app from Android M brings back “Ok Google from any screeen” option to Galaxy S6, but still doesn’t works

    Ok Google from any screen on Galaxy S6

    For some unknown reason, Samsung and Google decided to remove “Ok Google from any screen” option from Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. It was available when the Galaxy S6 launched, but after a week, “From any screen” toggle just disappeared from the Galaxy S6 devices without even any update to the Google Search app. This had […]

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  • Nexus 5 not connecting to PC after installing Android M? Try the new USB configuration setting from Developer options

    Android M USB Configuration

    It looks like Android M is breaking the USB connection with PC as a number of users (included us) weren’t able to connect the Nexus 5 to our PCs after installing the Android M developer preview build. But thankfully, there’s an easy fix. Android M now has USB Configuration profiles under developer options which apparently upon playing with let […]