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  • How to Increase Battery life on Android Devices

    The Android devices are a part of life now and we can’t think of a day without using these smart devices. But it’s no doubt that these devices are battery hogs and always try to eat up your battery quite quickly. This would cause a great inconvenience and one has to carry AC chargers or […]

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  • Save Battery by Smartly disabling WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular data (2G/3G/LTE) when not in use with the LeanData Android app

    Charging your android device’s battery every once in a while is a hectic job. This becomes more irritating if your device is draining your battery rapidly. The main cause for the rapid battery drain is due to various communication modules like WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Radio etc… drinking up your battery juice continuously. A smart way […]

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  • Best Apps to Save Battery on Your Android Phone

    Since the very early days of Android the most unpopular misgiving of the OS has been the battery life. Tons of Google services, 3rd party apps running in background, improper wakelocks, heavy skins, et cetera takes a good hard toll on the battery life of your Android smartphone. Manufacturers have a habit of slamming a […]