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  • How to use Lollipop battery Saver in place of OEM’s (Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc.) own battery saver

    Android Lollipop Battery Saver

    Little tricks do amazing things. A trick can even enable the default Android Lollipop battery saver on your Samsung device that’s running Android 5.0+ version. Or any other OEM device (LG, Sony, HTC, etc.) for that matter, but the device must be running 5.0+ build. Google ships the Lollipop code with its own battery saver, but […]

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  • How useful or dumb app is YO?

    Never heard of this app, YO ? It’s quite simple and ridiculous app on the android and iOS market which allows you to communicate with friends with just a simple YO message. Yeah i know it sounds crazy,even the developers rejected this app because it dint have a point and any icon as well, but it […]

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  • Get Full Battery and other Pre-defined Battery Level Alerts with the Battery Reader Android App

    It may happen sometimes that you forget to unplug your device even after it’s been fully charged, resulting not only in waste of electricity but also slightly damaging your phone’s battery too. For situations like that, there’s an app: Battery Reader, which would shout out loud to alert you that your phone as been charged, and […]