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How useful or dumb app is YO?

Want a Floating Dialer and a Floating Google Search? Here you go.

Get Apps in Notification Bar With Hangar, Also Lets You Order Them!

[New App] A-Strobe lets you change LED Strobe frequency using Volume Buttons

Capture Photo of the Person Who Stole Your Phone or Used It in Your Absence with CrookCatcher!

Get Full Battery and other Pre-defined Battery Level Alerts with the Battery Reader Android App

Download Google Keyboard in various Colors: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Onyx, Purple, Orange, etc.

Google I/O App updated for 2013, brings loads of new features

ZipInstaller lets you Flash a Custom ROM, Gapps, Boot Animation or any flashable zip file in recovery pretty easily

Compress Images to reduce size and save space using Img Compress Android App

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