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  • New XXJVU Galaxy S Firmware Leaked. Updates Phone with Value Pack (Face Unlock, Photo Editor and New Lock Screen)


    It’s time again, time for another leaked firmware from Samsung for the Galaxy S i9000. This time it’s another 2.3.6 firmware, dubbed as XXJVU, a successor to XXJVT for Open Europe region. But it’s still not just another firmware for lovely Galaxy S1. Yep! It packs in new Lock Screen from Galaxy Note, a photo editor […]

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  • Nexus One Gets Android 2.3.6 Update

    Nexus One Update

    Wow.. our old. lovely. beautiful. buddy ─ Nexus One, has just gotten an official update to the latest version of Android ─ that is 2.3.6. The update offers nothing much but bug fixes.. “some important bug fixes and security patches”. So if you happen to have a Nexus One that is still in love with stock […]