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  • How to Install ADB and Device drivers automatically. Works for Windows, Linux & Mac!!


    Most errors while using adb (Android debug Bridge), are either because adb was not  set up properly in the first place, or  because the right device drivers haven’t been installed. XDA member DieHappy has created an excellcent toolkit which will automatically install adb (Android Debug Bridge) as well as the appropriate device drivers for your […]

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  • Amazon Kindle Fire gets Rooted!

    Kindle Fire, which runs Android OS under the Amazon’s heavy custom UI, just moved one step closer in its off-market development scene. It just got rooted! If you’re a Kindle Fire owner and know a thing about android modding (custom roms, cm7, miui, themes, etc.), we know you already wanna celebrate this — rightly so. […]

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  • Un-root and re-lock Motorola Xoom


    Given the freedom and fun rooting unlocks, it’s not strange many Motorola Xoom owners have already rooted their tablet. But those who want to un-root and re-lock it (either or both), can now do so quite easily. One just needs to download the official build HR166 from Motorola’s Dev site and do some Android SDK […]

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  • How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Well, that’s as insane as it can get. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is yet to hit streets — June 8 is official release date — but it already got rooted. Now part of the credit goes to Google, not because of creating Android, but because the company distributed some 5000-6000 limited edition Tabs at its […]