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  • Download Xperia XA Ultra Driver [USB + ADB]

    Without proper driver installed on your PC, your device won’t be recognized by Windows PC and you will obviously have some hard time transferring files, or hacking your way to fastboot flashing and into root and TWRP recovery stuff. You know! So, don’t be shy to install the Xperia XA Ultra driver we’ve shared below. […]

  • Drivers
  • Download Sony Xperia J driver [USB + ADB]

    It’s annoying a bit, but Sony likes to provide separate driver sets for its devices. Many a times, driver for one Xperia could work for another, but when you hit the roadblock, it’s wise to install device-specific¬†driver provided by Sony. And if you own Sony Xperia J, here’s the driver set for your Windows PC. […]