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  • HTC Desire 4G LTE Coming soon at Verizon Wireless

    It’s no secret that HTC always chooses to change the name of their devices when they release them in the US, and it’s always the same with their Desire branded smartphones. But according to an image leaked from Verizon’s internal device management system indicates a device by the name HTC Desire 4G LTE is coming soon to […]

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  • Galaxy Nexus Found in Verizon Inventory

    Need a sign of Verizon Wireless getting the next nexus device – Galaxy Nexus? The above pic is that — the Galaxy Nexus was spotted in Verizon’s inventory system, which confirms two things to us: first, it will be an 4G LTE capable device; and second, it lacks GSM bands and thus, isn’t a global device.

    More than that, it indicates that the launch is just around the corner. We expect it to cross…

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  • AT&T Sony S2 Tablet Announced

    The new Android tablet is about to hit the stores and it’s one from Sony at AT&T — the Sony S2 Android tablet that features Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, dual-core processor, Wi-Fi, 4G (no LTE though but the HDPA+ support is no slouch, you know), etc. But that’s not what Sony S2 will be known […]