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  • [Video] Virtual Reality gets a new definition with Google and Mattel’s View-Master

    Google and Mattel getting together sounds like something cool just waiting to happen. So when Mattel sent out invites for a joint event with Google, we could hardly contain our excitement. Based on rumors and hearsay, we expected something pretty dramatic happening to Google Cardboard — which enables users to experience virtual reality using their […]

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  • Sharp to Launch its galapagos 003SH and 005SH 3d handsets in Japan. Planning for US, India and China too.

    sharp 3d phones

    The android resurgence is already making apple and other mobile OS makers bite the dust and is becoming more of a reason for ‘otherwise not-so-interested companies’ to enter the smartphone market, and that too confidently given the android’s open source nature. The latest in line to make a impression in the mobile market is Sharp, […]