T-Mobile Galaxy S3 Release Date Announced: It’s June 21!

T-Mobile just announced the Galaxy S3, and that it’s releasing it on June 21. While Samsung has already stated that it will be launching its 2012 flagship device, the Galaxy S3, on 5 carriers in US – the big fours plus US Cellular – 3 of them have already confirmed their Galaxy S3.

Other than T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 releasing on June 21, Sprint’s Galaxy S3 has gotten itself an unveil event on June 12, while that at Verizon would be on grabs on pre-order by June 6.

Specs-wise, all Galaxy S3s at all 5 carriers in US will feature 1.5GHz dual-core processor by Qualcomm, and a massive 2GB RAM running alongside. The design and rest of the features will be same as that of international Galaxy S3, with physical Home button on-board along with the Menu and Back capacitive buttons at left and right respectively. So the hardware of US Galaxy S3 will remain mostly same as that of international one, with only change being the carrier’s respective logo at the back. Of course, we knew of all this before the official announcement thanks to some leaked  pics of T-Mobile Galaxy S3.

Speaking of the software (or bloatware, if you may), it seems the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 will have none. More details on it later as and when the device releases, but it seems so far that it won’t bug you with carrier installed apps, shortcuts and other stuff. We think Verizon and other’s carrier’s Galaxy S3 will have these, and it remains to be seen how far Samsung’s convincing power goes.

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  1. yarrellray says: Reply

    No carrier bloatware is BIG concerning this device. Everyone knows Verizon model followed by At&t will be the WORST offenders of bloatware. Tmobile here I come so long Verizon.. Enough is enough with that overrated carrier.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Well said. T-Mobile really is one cool carrier, has always supported Android OS since its launch.

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