T-Mobile Galaxy S3 gets Free download of The Avengers movie on Samsung Media Hub


One of the biggest blockbuster Hollywood movies this year was no doubt The Avengers, which saw Marvel superheroes like Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America team up to protect Earth against an army from outer space. Come September 25th, new and existing T-Mobile Galaxy S3 owners will be able to download the HD version of the movie free of cost from Samsung’s Media Hub!

This will coincide with the release of The Avengers on Blu-ray and DVD in the US on the same day. Thanks to the Galaxy S3’s ability to share licensed content from Samsung Media Hub to any HDMI-compatible TV, you can grab some popcorn and watch the movie on your HDMI television at home, free of cost.

So set a reminder on your phone and make sure you don’t miss the free download of The Avengers and can enjoy some superhero action!

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