Sync Your Titanium Backup Data to Google Drive Now


Google recently launched their Google Drive cloud-storage service, providing users with free 5 GB of online storage, and adding another choice for people looking for a file storage service. And now, Titanium Backup — one of the most well-known backup apps for Android — lets you upload your backups right to your Google Drive account.

Google hasn’t yet released the API for the Drive app yet, which is required for proper integration of apps with Google Drive. However, since Drive is just a renamed Google Docs with some improvements and sync functionality, the developer of Titanium simply used the API for Google Docs. Considering that many Android users will probably be going with Google Drive as the cloud storage service of choice thanks to the great integration with other Google services, this is good news for users of Titanium Backup. And of course, you can also save your backups to your or Dropbox account if you prefer to use those.

However, you do need a rooted device in order to use Titanium Backup, which you already have if you’re a regular user of Titanium Backup. So, head over to the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) and download/update to the latest version.

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