Swype Keyboard gets Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update


If you’ve used Swype before, you would know that it’s an extremely nifty and intuitive alternative to the standard Android touch-screen keyboard, and allows you to type much, much faster by just swiping your finger over the letters, rather than individually clicking them. I personally prefer using Swype to other keyboard alternatives on my SGS2, and find it to be much more intuitive and accurate, not to mention way faster than a bunch of other keyboards I have tried, including the stock Samsung keyboard.

Considering Swype is so popular, the developers have released a new beta version which includes official support for Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus, which was the first phone to be released with ICS. As Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs started coming out of the developer community over the last couple of months, we have come to realize that not all apps which used to run perfectly on Gingerbread, would work the same way with ICS. Application Developers are still working hard to bring official Ice Cream Sandwich support and compatibility to their existing apps, and considering ICS is the OS of choice for most new Android handsets being released this year, official support for ICS is definitely going to be a plus.

We have been waiting anxiously for a while for this to officially come from Swype themselves. Sure, there have been tweaked versions which worked on ICS based ROMs for some time now, but looks like Swype wanted to make sure things were solid and stable before releasing an official update.

If you want to try out on your Ice Cream Sandwiched device, you can head over to the Swype Beta sign-up page and register using your email address. You should receive an email with a link to download the Swype Beta. Go ahead and try it out, and let us know about your experience in comments below.

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