SuperWipe for AT&T Galaxy S2 — A Very Handy Tool for ROM Flashers


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  • Hitekredneck

    I really like how you selectively remove any posts that do not suit you. Give you the proof with links and all, and you delete them so that others can’t decide for themselves who’s work this originally was. I will not be visiting your site again because of practices such as these.

  • Hitekredneck

    The OP on XDA even states that this script is ported from Superwipe. Please give credit where it is due. TDJ originally posted his Darkside Superwipe for SGSII on February 8th of this year.

  • Jjohnson
  • solomonsright

    Wasn’t the super wipe made by Dark side?

    • Kapil

      We got the wind of it on the page linked above as “Official Page to XDA” so, that guy has been given the credits.

      It would be cool if you can get us a link to prove your claim. We would be happy to link the original dev, if there is one, for this cool quick tool.
      Btw, it’s available for many devices, so it’s easily possible there is different dev for each device.

    • Jjohnson

      Yes it was