Super AMOLED HD and IPS HD Displays Compared by LG


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  • Miel

    IPS is more power consumption than super AMOLED.. but IPS is great picture than SUPER AMOLED

  • Anoniman

    Let’s not become Isheep or Samsung sheep. To be honest, sony and LG have the IPS display, which objectively is better and brighter, along with realistic colours. Apart from that all is subjective. Oh, and amoled displays do have a high screen burn rate, but since I am not too sure about this, I will not make judgement.

  • nick

    samsung screen rocks
    lg sucks

    • Jon1123

      Nick your ugly

  • LG

    The LG ips dispalys are the best there are the only screen that will be able to compete with it would be super amoled hd 2/plus.

  • Karan Mishra

    amolade display is best in every terms

    • Kapil