Super AMOLED HD and IPS HD Displays Compared by LG


The LG Optimus LTE just got a name change and will now be called the Optimus True HD LTE. Before you start thinking that they’ll be upgrading the screen from 720p resolution to 1080p, let me stop you right there. The only thing getting upgraded here is the name, nothing else. The real reason for the name change is to apparently make Samsung feel bad about their Super AMOLED HD displays.

According to LG, the Super AMOLED displays aren’t real HD, as despite having an HD resolution, they have lesser number of sub-pixels due to the use of the PenTile matrix where every pixel has only two sub-pixels, instead of three sub-pixels on screens with the conventional RGB matrix as on the IPS HD screens. The lower sub-pixel count reduces sharpness, making it possible to make out individual pixels when the screen is looked at closely.

Also, according to LG, the color saturation (SAMOLED’s are known for punchier colours) and energy efficiency of Super AMOLED screens make them inferior than IPS HD screens which produce accurate colours and are less energy demanding.

Yes, it’s a known fact that Super AMOLED displays consume more power than LCD panels, but they also provide deeper and truer blacks (as they do not use a backlight and can turn off individual LEDs). The over-saturated colours are a matter of debate though, as some prefer a more natural look as opposed to the over expressed colours on Super AMOLED displays.

It seems LG really wants the users to know that their IPS HD displays are superior than the Super AMOLED HD displays found on Samsung devices like the Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Note. However, Samsung is supposed to be moving to an “RGB stripe” technology with their next Super AMOLED display to be introduced with the upcoming Galaxy S3, so this comparison may soon lose most of its appeal, but that remains to be seen.

So what kind of screen do you prefer? Are natural and sharper screens your preference, or do you choose deeper blacks and vibrant colours? Do let us know in the comments.




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