‘Street View on Google Maps’ – the app is finally here!

Street View on Google Maps

‘Street View on Google Maps’ – an app directly from the Google’s basket to let you surf the streets right on your android phone’s screen, has finally landed on the Android Market. We know you’re itching your hands to try it, so lets go forward and have a quick look on the features and how to use the app. Shall we?


  • Works only with Google Maps – not a standalone app.
  • To use it, open Google Maps, search for a place or long press on the map, and select the ‘street view’ option.
  • Spot the little ‘pegman’ – he’s the guy who will take you places. Just drag him and he’ll obey your orders.
  • Lastly, pray a little that Google doesn’t suffer any liabilities for bringing the goods to you (remember those suits against the company for breaking into privacy, hmm?).

Let us know, how fine it worked to you. And was it really a lifesaver app you’re waiting for?

Download the ‘Street View on Google Maps’ for FREE.

Street View on Google Maps QR Code

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Official Page

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  1. Oflife says: Reply

    Am confused. This has been on the iOS Google maps for ages (inc our iPad), so why only now on Google’s own OS? Or am I missing something?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      It was just 4-5 days old when we wrote about this app. And as of today also, it’s just 9 days old.

      Even I am wondering about your iPad’s Google maps app. Google apps are actually the best on Android. BTW, you sure?

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