Sprint Galaxy S5 receiving an OTA update with “Factory Reset Protection”, build G900PVPU2BOD3

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Sprint is pushing out an OTA update to the Galaxy S5 with “Factory Reset Protection”, it’s the same update that one T-Mobile Galaxy S6 edge user received and which ended up locking the bootloader on his device.

The update is coming with build number G900PVPU2BOD3 and is already on roll as we speak. But before you download and install this update, be warned that this might lock the bootloader on your Sprint Galaxy S5, meaning you won’t be able to flash custom binaries or get root on your device after taking this “OD3” OTA update.

In case you’re wondering what “Factory Reset Protection” actually is, well, it’s a useful security feature in case of device theft. It prevents anyone from resetting your device after being stolen, thereby making it useless for the thief to use.

But still, for a majority of users like us, being able to flash custom binaries and having root access matters more than having “Factory Reset Protection”. So if you care about root and stuff, then we strongly discourage you to take this update at this time, let developers analyze it and tell us if locks the bootloader or not?

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The update also adds Lollipop’s Screen pinning feature. Sweet.

Source: Sprint
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  1. Luis Rivera says:

    I messed up and took the update.. now all of my root access is gone.. how can i fix this. This phone is useless withe out it.. Help

    1. Shivam says:

      You can turn off Factory Reset Protection, go to Settings » Developer options » and untick the “OEM Unlocking” checkbox. Then try rooting again with the CF Auto Root http://www.theandroidsoul.com/root-sprint-galaxy-s5-sm-g900p-using-one-click-cf-auto-root-tool-56176 (untested
      for OD3) OR install TWRP and flash SuperSU zip http://download.chainfire.eu/supersu.

      Do tell us if you’re able to root your device again.

      1. Luis Rivera says:

        I have used the cf root and it has given me root access, but no luck with any working recovery. I want to return to OA6 but nothing works on odin.. Im stuck. OEM Unlocking? I could not find that in developer options

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