Speedmod Kernel Launches on Galaxy Note


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amrell-Yaacob/100001615284771 Amrell Yaacob

    i hv use ur method n my galaxy note ics is alrite…thank dude

  • Sameer Khojla

    Hi thx for very detail and easy instruction. i have SGN i7000 Rooted and want to flash with SpeedMod Kernel. Now i want to ask you that, do need wipe data/factory rest/wipe cache / wipe devlik cache etc after flash with speedmod kernel ???? or only wipe cache / wipe devlik cache only ?

  • Mitch

    Hi all Just got my SGN and trying different kernels – I installed the latest speedmod kernel speedmod-kernel-n7000-k1-5-CWM.zip
    installed using CWM manager v3.0 to flash kernel onto the SGN.
    You need to unzip the file and put the contents on external sd card because CWM does not read the zip – thanks

  • ZRyan

    I know that this not right place to post/ask this but still im asking it coz i dont know it. My question is- Can i buy a android smartphone from a carrier based company like at&t or t-mobile and bring it to my own country where is no carrier boundation and get the phone rooted/unlocked will it be able to run normally like other phones/unlocked phones? Plz mail me the answer this coz i dont know it. Thanx in adv.