Soul Movie Android App: Supports .srt and .smi Subtitle/Caption Files

Soul Movie free android app

We just expanded your phone’s compatibility horizon with the arcMedia, that supports all most used audio and video formats. Now, lets spice it up a bit more by granting some subtitles capabilities to your best android buddy. We’re talking about the free android app, Soul Movie that supports .srt and .smi subtitle files to get the job done.


  • Place the .srt or .smi file in the same folder where your movie is
  • Rename the .srt or .smi file same as movie name (the only difference in file names will be the extension itself!)
  • Folder browser
  • Colored Subtitles
  • Size can be changed
  • Resume on/off
  • Sync the time of the subtitles, in case required

For what it’s worth, you can use for getting subtitles for your movie.

Compatibility: Works with all android phones

Download Soul movie for FREE from android market.

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Android Market Link, Official Page

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  1. BrownHornet says: Reply

    Soul Movie player is THE APP I’ve been looking for ever since I got a smartphone!! No more having to look for soft codes and hard codes, it’s as simple as hitting install and watching your movies!!! This is the reason why I got a Droid X !!!! Thanks!!!! I will definitely spread the word about this app and site!!!

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      You’re always welcomed. BTW, let us know if you want us to find some apps for you, like speak out any functions/features you are looking forward too. We’ll try our best.
      Also, let us know if there are any apps that you love and would like us to cover here.
      We’re totally open for suggestions!

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