Smart Measure Android App: Measure distance and height of objects around you

Smart Measure

Smart Measure allows you to calculate the distance, height, width and area of a surface using the camera of your smartphone.

The app is a bit tricky to use for the first time but once you get a hang of it, its quite easy. The height and distance function is selected by default, to measure the width and area the necessary function needs to be selected from the settings menu -this is the only feature that is annoying as you need to change the settings every time to measure the height, width and area.

This may not be a useful to everyone but it sure is a great app.

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  1. Kelly Jones says: Reply

    Nice post. Here’s a tool with the capability
    to find and display records based on their distance from a particular center of
    origin. For example, you could do a location based search by entering your ZIP
    code to search for all hospitals (or any other place or business) located
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  2. Very nice concept!
    It work well on long distances, but not with small objects.

    I recommend SLIDE METER for that!

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