Seesmic Ping — Schedule Posts to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn


Want to post simultaneously to different sites and accounts like Facebook or Twitter? Seesmic Ping is a free app for Android that lets you post tweets and status updates to multiple Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts of yours at once. It also lets you schedule posts for a further date and time, so you can set a schedule and forget about them, and let Seesmic Ping do the rest.

Seesmic Ping supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Salesforce accounts. You can add multiple accounts for each one, and post to all of them at once. Adding a Facebook account also adds all the groups and pages that you own on that particular Facebook account, so you can put the posts on those as well.

Posts can be scheduled for a particular date and time, so you can automate your updates and tweets. Seesmic Ping will wait for the scheduled time and date, then post it automatically. Drafts can also be saved and later accessed when required. You can share images from camera or gallery as well as links with each post.

So if you’re someone who regularly posts to different social networking sites and accounts, Seesmic Ping is just the app for you. It’s free on the Android Market and you can get it on your phone by clicking the download button below. Leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

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  1. Dluxgfx says: Reply

    So when you post to Facebook, it auto posts to all groups even though you don’t see the groups?

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