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SD Increase Android App: Increase SD Card Speed on Your Rooted Android Phone


SD Increase Android App

Developer Diego Stamigni has come up with an Android app that can potentially increase your SDCard’s read/write speeds.

Basically what the app does is change your SDCard’s cache size, which is generally set at 128 KB on most Android Devices, to higher values like 2048 KB for greater read/write speeds.

[info]This app might not work on Samsung Galaxy S phones.[/info] [warning]Make sure your phone is rooted as the app requires ROOT access to function.[/warning] [warning]We at http://www.theandroidsoul.com wouldn’t be held liable if you damage your Phone or SDCard by using the apps mentioned in this article.[/warning]

Here’s how you to use SD Increase Android app to increase your SDCard speed:

  1. Download and install “SD Increase” app from the Market.
  2. [button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=com.sdincrease.it” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download SD Increase[/button]
  3. Open the app when installation completes.
  4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to Allow or Deny the app to have root access. Select “Allow”.
  5. Now you’ll see two headings “Status” and “Values (2048 best)”
    1. “Status” shows the current cache size of your phone
    2. And “Values” is for setting up custom cache size.
  6. Use the slider to set your preferred cache size (2048 KB is stated as best by the developer)
  7. Once you’ve set your cache size. Hit the orange button to apply new cache size.
  8. Now press menu key, select Quit, then select Yes.
  9. Now reboot your phone.

Check SDCard read/write speed:

To check your SDCard’s read/write speed, download “SD Tools” Android app from the Market.

[button link=”http://market.android.com/details?id=ales.veluscek.sdtools” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download SD Tools[/button]
Here’s what SD Tools app is useful for:

SD Tools – Info and Benchmark tools.

  • With SD Tools you can check your microSD card information (Name, Date, MID, OEMID,…). You can check if your card is fake. (Check serial number and MID and OEMID).
  • You can also benchmark sd card writing and reading speeds.
  • You can also submit results and information to internet. In future there will be results. (As soon I got enough results).
  • It does not shows Card Info On Galaxy S, but you can check speed of external sd Card.

Let us know in comments how much increase in speed did you notice on your phone’s SDCard.

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