Samsung Vibrant gets Android 4.0.3 based Ice Cream Sandwich Custom Rom


One of my favorite phones of all time, the Samsung Vibrant, just got another ICS ROM. Not surprising, considering the Vibrant is the T-Mobile reared twin of the Samsung Galaxy S, which by itself, is also one of the developer favorites. Samsung announced earlier this week, that the Galaxy S (and I presume its variants, Vibrant included) would not be getting the official ICS update; there also wont be a “value pack” that would be made available. Ironically, people were already running ICS ROMs on their Galaxy S and Vibrants by then. And, given the huge user base of this device(s), it’s no surprise that release of better and better custom roms & ports, continues in full swing in the developer community.

The latest custom Android 4.0.3 ICS ROM for the Vibrant, is called the “SS” ROM or Smooth Stock ROM, which has been developed by XDA member jzero88. It is based on the OneCosmic ICS ROM RC2 for the Galaxy S, which happens to be a pretty fast, stable and solid ROM. RC2 status indicates that there is still some development work in progress, but mainly to improve things. The ROM is super smooth and super fast ─ one of the fastest ICS ROMs around for the Vibrant, and it deserves nothing lesser.

Lets get down to the creamy stuff now..

Download Links

Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

Vibrant Kernel

Pre-Installation requirements

  • Fully Charged Vibrant
  • Rooted and Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) installed
  • All data backed up

Installation Steps

  1. Download the ROM file and the kernel from the links above, and transfer them both to the root of the Vibrant’s SD card
  2. Reboot into CWM Recovery, and perform a Full Wipe ( Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe CAche Partition, Wipe Dalvik)
  3. Select Install Zip form sdcard & choose the ROM file you transferred in Step 1
  4. Let the ROM install. Once installation is complete, Perform Step 3 again, and select the Kernel file you transferred in Step 1
  5. Once the kernel installation is complete. Reboot the device & enjoy ICS on your Vibrant

You can track updates, and read about what others are saying about this ROM, in the development thread here.

Do let us know about your ICS experience on the Vibrant, in comments below..

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  1. Sushomeru says: Reply

    I get no service…

    1. Dkoghdosei says: Reply

      with the  Pre-Installation requirements,I am using Firmware version: 2.1-update 1
                     Kernel Version 2.6.29
      I don’t seem to find out how to install Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) but i have rooted it.
      Can i use ODIN instead? Please need help here 

  2. Slave says: Reply

    The download links dont work where can I get them?

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