Samsung to ship 60 million smartphones in Q4 2012


It is common knowledge by now, that Samsung has zoomed ahead of all the competition to become the leader in worldwide smartphone sales. The success of its latest offering, the Galaxy Note 2, as well as the best-selling Galaxy S3, have further added to that success. Reports indicate that the Korean giant is expected to ship over 60 million smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2012.

According to research by UBS, Samsung would be able to sell 61.5 million units of smartphones between October and December 2012. As compared to Q3 sales of about 57 million smartphones, this is a positive jump of nearly 8 percent. Given the holiday season, this estimate could also possibly crack the 60 million mark.

It would be a first for Samsung, or for that matter for any other smartphone manufacturer, if 60 million units get sold in a quarter. UBS further reports that 3 million Galaxy Note 2 units have already been sold, with an additional 7 million units expected to be sold before the end of the year. As for the other best-seller, the Galaxy S3, UBS believes that 15 million units will be sold in Q4. With 5.5 million units already having been shipped, just in October alone, looks like the Galaxy S3 will also be able to breeze through to the 15 mill mark, without losing a beat. With a wide range of devices available, to suit every pocket size, literally and figuratively, including a bevy of tablets, Samsung looks in good form to retain its position as the top smartphone maker in the world.

Times are indeed looking good for Samsung, and all they need to do now is sort out those pesky display production issues with the Galaxy S4, and gear for another fantastic year of sales in 2013.

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