Samsung Officially Announces Its Galaxy Ace (SHW-M240S) in Korea


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  • Aung Thu Hein

    i can not find .ops file . please help me.(Samsung Ace SHW-M240S)

  • haseb

    install handcent sms software and enjoy

  • Mohammad Azam Shaheen

    How can i change its sms software which restrict me up to 80 byte i want large sms.
    I also want To upgrade my androide version of shm-m240s and want to finish the korean laguage please help me in this regaurd. I am from pakistan and love you korea

    • Dave

      That’s also my problem. I also have a SHW-M240S given by my Korean girlfriend
      and the same problem is also in sms. Before i thought there’s something that he presses that causes it but i try my best to find solutions on the setting but i failed. hehehe… What’s wrong with this SK Phone?
      I’m Dave from the Philippines.

  • Mose Choi

    can you change the language? To english?