Samsung is having trouble in producing 441 ppi displays


The rumor mills have started buzzing again, with news of another much-awaited device in Samsung’s Galaxy series – the Samsung Galaxy S4. The word around was that Samsung could have been looking at an early 2013 release for the Galaxy S4, along with a possible unveiling during the MWC in February 2013.

Fresh rumors suggest that there could be a delay with that timeline. Rumored specs for the device included a Full HD OLED display with a whopping 441 ppi density. Word has it that Samsung Display or SD, Samsung’s own in-house subsidiary which produces display panels for its devices may not have the technology to mass produce the 4.99 inch 441 ppi panels. Apparently it has something to do with the evaporation process technology that is involved in mass production of such displays.

That said, Samsung display is also looking out for the more advanced LITI technology from 3M, which could ease up the production process. LITI or Laser Induced Thermal Imaging is a resolution, digital patterning technique developed at 3M for use in a number of applications including the patterning of LCD color filters and OLED emitters. The LITI process is suited for the manufacture of flat panel displays, where both high resolution and absolute placement accuracy are required.

We all know that the display itself is a major selling point on  Samsung Galaxy devices, and if there is indeed a delay that is going to be caused due to this, then we might have some more waiting to do before we can lay our eyes on Samsung’s new device. Other rumored specs for the Galaxy S4 include a 2GHz quad-core ARM15 CPU clocked at 2 GHz, which is based on 28nm manufacturing technology, 2GB RAM, and a 13MP rear camera.

We are hoping Samsung sorts out these display production issues fast, and get back on track. One thing is for sure, whenever this device gets released, it sure is going to be one helluva phone,

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