Samsung I9800 Gets Wi-Fi Certification — A Variant of the S3 or the S3 Itself?

Wifi Certification I9800

Looks like are things are set to get more confusing as May 3 comes closer, where Samsung will supposedly unveil the Galaxy S3 (or whatever the next Galaxy flagship will be named). A Samsung device going by the model number GT-I9800 just recently got Wi-Fi certification. Now, all rumors and information available about the Galaxy S3 put its model number as I9300, so is the GT-I9800 a variant of the S3, or could it be the S3 itself?

The difference in numbers between I9300 and I9800 is pretty big here, which would suggest against the I9800 being a variant of the S3. It could turn out to be the Galaxy S3 for some markets with a few hardware differences, but with Samsung having kept info about their next Galaxy flagship under wraps really well, nothing is certain at this point.

Stay tuned for more information as more and more info should come out in the days leading to May 3, when Samsung will be announcing officially announcing the next Galaxy device in London, hopefully the Galaxy S3.

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