Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Case: The Flip Case. Protects the Tablet and allows Easy Typing.

Flip Case

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The Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Well, Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and 8.9 variant) is yet to hit the streets but it has already received huge positive response from the public after it was displayed — and given to attendees — at the Google’s I/O last month. And not to leave anything undesired, Samsung has just come out with a Case for its first actual Android Tablet, called the Flip Case.

Flip case for Galaxy Tab 10.1 is basically meant to protect your Tab from scratches and dust (when not in use), but, it turns out it would also help you establish suitable angle while laying it out on table or something so that you have better and convenient typing experience on the Tablet.

Flip case is made of plastic and doesn’t increase the thickness of the Tab, just the minimum you would expect and would e content with. While it’s a nice idea to keep a gadget covered when not in use to protect it from dust, scratches or anything your fear from surrounding, what’s great about this case is the subtle engineering in its making which allows for the case to be set accordingly to allow a decent viewing angle for the tablet. This helps in better experience while watching videos/movies and is immensely helping in typing too. Though, it’s hard to feature a tablet for heavy typing use, but the case is just helpful if you intend to. BTW, it’s from Samsung, officially!

Flip Case Price

Pricing details aren’t available as of now but expect the announcement soon as and when the case is made available along with the tablet whose launch is something we’re anticipating wildly, to say the least.

Flip Case Release Date

No information is available on its release date but we guess, it would be available when the tablet itself is launched.

Video below!

Via Android Central

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