Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Nougat update: Software version G891AUCS2BQD4 brings April security patch from AT&T

Update [May 01, 2017]: AT&T is rolling out a new update to the S7 Active. Arriving as build G891AUCS2BQD4, this new update applies the April security. The Nougat based update is sized at 34MB. Before downloading the update ensure that your data is backed up and make sure your device has at least 50% charge.

Update [April 05, 2017]: Arriving as build number G891AUCS2BQC2, this latest OTA update installs the March security patch from AT&T. The Nougat based OTA update also provides fixes for various bugs and other issues, present on the previous build. In addition to installing the security patch, this update also brings improvements to performance and stability.

Update [March 07, 2017]: The Nougat update for AT&T Galaxy S7 Active has been released today. We don’t have the build no. with us yet, but the Android 7.0 OTA for S7 Active is rolling out as we speak. If you own the device, it’s about time you hit the ‘check for updates’ button in Settings > Software updates. The update brings Samsung Pass and Samsung cloud services too, apart from the usual dose of Nougat upgrade which brings lots of cool features to the rugged Galaxy S7 variant exclusive to AT&T, while also improving on the network reception on the device.


Update [November 24, 2016]: AT&T today updated its S7 Active with a new build G891AUCU2APK2, that removes the now-defunct Milk Music service of Samsung, adds Full Screen Mobile Video Services, fixes issues with Voicemail call forwarding, improves ePTT, and install November security patch. The update sized between 409-417MB, and is already available as an OTA. As expected, it’s still based on Marshmallow, while the Nougat dream remains distant for the S7 Active. Right now, Samsung is testing Nougat on S7 sets with beta builds, and is targeting December release for stable version. All in all, it could be until April 2017 when S7 active receives Android 7.0.


The less-popular twin of very popular Galaxy S7 set, the AT&T Galaxy S7 Active is receive a new update from the carrier today, September 23, which installs the latest security patch for the month of September to the device. The update’s build is G891AUCS2API2, and it comes at around 46.5 MB. We know you are more keen on hearing the Android 7.0 Nougat update news for the device, so read on this post to know fully about when and how it will be released.

Let’s see how all of this weighs, and how much delay AT&T S7 Active users will have to face, because they got an AT&T variant of the S7 Active. Hint: A lot. Let’s read all about this below.

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AT&T Galaxy S7 Active Nougat: expected release date

Expected release date: April-May 2017.

The AT&T S7 Active would take a lot more time than its global variant. Because, it’s an AT&T device, and no device — however good its OEM is — receives updates from carrier at what can be called at proper time.

So, if you are using S7 Active at AT&T, look for the global S7’s release of Android 7.0 Nougat, and then add 2 months for release of Nougat for your device.

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What’s New in Galaxy S7 Active Nougat update

With Android 7.0 update, your get the ability to use two apps at one using the Split-screen mode, also called multi-screen, while the notification system has gone under a big revamp too — it can now bundle notifications from an app for pretty presentation, while also allowing you to reply directly to messages from the shade.

Data saver in Nougat update helps you save on extra data usage charges, while you can now clear all apps with a button on stock Android too. But of more interest in the Nougat update is switching to previous app and vice versa — just double tap the recents icon twice to open your previous app.

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Moreover, Samsung is looking forward to update its custom skin, TouchWiz, and replace with its newer newly named custom skin, GraceUX, that is currently plying its trade only on Note 7 — explosive or not!

Nougat Issues and Bugs

We’re already seeing issues occurring for more than some users upon updating to Android Nougat, mainly on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Check out thread on Nougat issues here.

Moreover, problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth looks like not going away, although we’re seeing success with the Wi-Fi solution here, and Bluetooth solution here. Ah, not to be forgotten, here’s a solution for the torturous battery drain on Nougat.

So, how much excited are you about the Nougat update? And did AT&T spoil the craze for you? Because, if you are out of luck, the Nougat delay could be as long as until April 2017, by what time we could already have a developer preview of Android O out for the Nexus devices (5X, 6P, etc.), and Google Pixel devices (Pixel and Pixel XL, which will release with Android 7.1).

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