Samsung Galaxy S6 Update: Rogers rolling out Nougat in Canada

Update [May 04, 2017]: Rogers is finally rolling out Nougat with the update seeding throughout Canada. The update lets you rock Nougat with all the cool goodies like multi-window support, bundled notifications, new UI and much more. Download the update over WiFi to save on data charges. Also make sure to take a backup of your important data.


Update [April 28, 2017]: The April security patch is making its way to the Galaxy S6 now. Coming in as software version G920FXXU5EQD7, the update ensures that your device stays protected from viruses and malware on the internet. The update also includes minor bug fixes and system enhancements too.

Update [April 25, 2017]: Canadian users of the Galaxy S6 can breathe a sigh of relief as Nougat has finally landed. The update arrives as software version G920W8VLU5DQD1 and brings a fresh new look and feel with the new revamped user interface. Nougat also introduces new and improved features like quick replying from the notification shade, Doze mode, multi window support, bundled notifications, etc. Since this is a pretty big update, we advise you to download this over WiFi after taking a backup of your important data.

The same is true for Verizon, with the carrier now rolling out Nougat for the S6. In addition to all the new Nougat goodies, the update also installs the latest security patch on your device. The OTA update is labeled as software version G920VVRS4DQD1.

Update [April 12, 2017]: Android 7.0 Nougat is finally making its way to the Galaxy S6 from Sprint. The update is being rolled out over the air and is identified as software G920PVPU4DQC7. Nougat brings in all the new bells and whistles which include the improved doze mode, quick reply from notification shade, bundled notifications, split window support and a whole lot more. The update weighs in at around 1068MB, so make sure to download on WiFi to save on mobile data charges.

Update [April 05, 2017]: AT&T has started pushing out the March the security patch for the Galaxy S6 now. Coming as build number G920AUCS6DQC1, the Marshmallow based OTA update is sized at around 20MB. In addition to installing the latest security patch, the update fixes known issues and bugs to deliver performance and stability enhancements.

Update [March 09, 2017]: Samsung is finally releasing the Android 7.0 Nougat update to Galaxy S6 and S6 edge devices. The update is currently being pushed to European countries with firmware build numbers G920FXXU5EQBG and G925FXXU5EQBG.


Update [February 11, 2017]: The international variant of the Galaxy S6 that comes unlocked, carrying the model no. SM-G920F, is now receiving the latest security patch for the month of February 2017 from Samsung. The software version runs as G920FXXU5DQAJ build, and is already hitting as an OTA for S6 handsets across Europe and Asia.

This is pretty fast from Samsung, at least as far as security patches update is concerned, because the Android 7.0 Nougat update is yet to arrive. It won’t be wrong to say that S6 users fully deserve to have 7.0 update by now, but it seems we’re still a bit far from its release. If anything, the S6 Nougat update looks set for March release.

Update [February 07, 2017]: Sprint rolling out an OTA update with January security patch for the Sprint Galaxy S6 G920P. The update comes with firmware build G920PVPS4CQA2. Although it should come to your device automatically, but you can also manually check for via Settings » About phone.

Update [January 31, 2017]: It seems the Galaxy S6 Nougat update is right around the corner. Samsung Russia has uploaded an updated user manual now, which highlights the changes — like split screen, besides Samsung’s window resizing — Android 7.0 Nougat update brings to the device. The manual makes mention of Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus, but we’re the regular Galaxy S6 remains first in line too. The release could happen within 14 days from now, we estimate.


Update [January 14, 2017]: AT&T is rolling out an update with December security patch for the AT&T Galaxy S6 devices. The update comes with build number G920AUCS5DPK3 and is 17.8MB in size.


Update [December 29, 2016]: The latest update from Verizon is releasing today as build G920VVRS4CPL3, with OTA available already. The PL3 update basically install the latest security patch of December month on your Galaxy S6, and that’s about it. Nothing else is part of its very short changelog, provided below in the screenshot from Verizon’s site. For the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 sets though, the build no that gets you December patch is G920TUES5DPL1.


Update [December 16, 2016]: Verizon has releases a new OTA update today for its Galaxy S6 sets, that carries the software version G920VVRU4CPK2, with full build being MMB29K.G920VVRU4CPK2. The update is based on Android 6 Marshmallow, as the Galaxy S6 Nougat remains at least two months away from release. The PK2 update installs the November security patch on the device, while also removing the Samsung Milk Music app form the device, as the service is has now discontinued.


Update [November 23, 2016]: The PK1 update that brings the November patch to Samsung devices is now available for the Galaxy S6 at AT&T too. The update is sized just 21.85MB, and it’s pretty limited to monthly patch only. The full build no. of the latest OTA update is G920AUCS5DPK1.


Update [November 13, 2016]: Samsung is targeting the Galaxy S6 Nougat update for January 2017 release, while the firmware build that is being tested for the 7.0 update right now in Samsung offices is said to be G920FXXS5DPK7. The PK7 update is not expected to become available to public, as it will is only testing build, while the one that is actually released would carry a different build no. Come January we shall see our S6 sets being updated to Android 7.0.

Update [November 09, 2016]: Samsung has begun rollout of Android 7.0 beta update in Korea today, for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. As far as Galaxy S6 is concerned, we don’t think the update will be available as beta for this device, and Samsung may launch the final version directly, once it has done so for the S7 and S7 Edge first, all of which could take further two months from today for the S6 Nougat release to arrive.


Update [November 05, 2016]: There may not be a Nougat beta update right now for S6 users, but Samsung is still bringing in the monthly patches quite rapidly for the 2016 flagship. The Korean mobile company started the rollout of G920FXXU4DPJN build for Galaxy S6 users in Russia, and this update packs in the November security patch. Similar update should be available for various regions and variants of Galaxy S6 pretty soon. The PJN update is already out as OTA, while we’re also providing it firmware so that you can download and install it manually. Here are some screenshots of the PJN update with November patch.


Update [November 04, 2016]: Samsung just announced a new app ‘Samsung beta program’ on the lines of Sony, and is making available its latest UX along with the Nougat update therein, to selected devices, without specifying those selected devices. We think the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge would be the first ones grab the beta Android 7.0 Nougat update via the app, but your Galaxy S6 should be in line next — however, we think it could take Samsung until December end until it starts pushing out the Nougat update as beta — if it ever does it beta-first way — for Galaxy S6.

To participate in the Nougat beta program on your Galaxy S6, download Galaxy beta program APK, install it, open it, and then enroll into beta program. That’s it.

samsung-Nougat-update Nougat-beta-apk

Update [September 29, 2016]: Sprint has released an update for its Galaxy S6 too, that carries the September security patch from Google for Android devices, known by the software version G920PVPS4CPI3. That’s all about the PI3 update’s changelog, and if you notice anything new than that, do let us know. After installing the update, you can confirm the security patch level in Settings > About device screen.

sprint-s6-pi3-1 [September 22, 2016]: Verizon is now rolling out the September month’s security patch for its Galaxy S6, and it comes as build no. G920VVRS4CPI2. Nothing else is part of the Verizon S6 PI2 update as per the changelog.

sprint-s6-pi3 [September 20, 2016[: AT&T just released a new update — not Nougat, of course — that brings the Wi-Fi calling ability to the device, along with August security patch (part of monthly security updates released by Google). The latest build comes as software version G920AUCU4DPH5. Advanced messaging services is also part of the PH5 update package — sized over 450 MB — along with some other system enhancements. Similar update is also out for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge.

The Nougat update is now released on Nexus devices, since August 22. Naturally, that gives us a base date with which we can compare releases by manufacturers for their devices, flagship or not. Being last year’s top Samsung handset, we expect Galaxy S6 Nougat update to release before September.

Android Nougat has long been out but it is yet to hit as release candidate, despite the Android 7.0 leak for Huawei P9 which means it’s available OEMs now. Anyway, we though Note 7 could launch with Android Nougat, but we were wrong, but we’re hopeful of the Nougat for Nexus devices, which would at least provide us a hint on when we could expect the Nougat update for Samsung Galaxy S6 and other devices under the tag.

To say that Galaxy S6 would receive Nougat update around the same time as its predecessor in Galaxy S5 received Nougat’s predecessor in Marshmallow, isn’t wrong. But because Google is looking to speed up the update process — and thus is sharing the Nougat with OEMs a lot earlier than it ever did with previous OS — there are solid chances the Nougat update would arrive a bit earlier than usual.

It goes without saying that there is a massive, massive no. of Galaxy S6 users waiting patiently for Android Nougat. After all, the device was last year’s best, and easily the most sold device along with S6 Edge.

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As of this writing, few S6 sets remain around the world that are yet to taste Marshmallow. The Rogers S6 is one such unlucky fella, but the rest of the S6 sets world over rock Marshmallow, and some of them little later than the turn of this year.

We take a look at the update scenario currently holding up for Galaxy S6 users, and what’s the likely date when Galaxy S6 Nougat update could be released for each of the carrier versions, including T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

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Galaxy S6 Nougat update: What’s new?

While Samsung is looking to add its GraceUX to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with Nougat update, we think the Galaxy S6 could be receiving the same treatment too. As per Sammobile, the current test build of Nougat update at Samsung runs as G930FXXU1ZPI9.

More interesting part of the Nougat update is what comes from Google as Android 7.0. You get new UI under the recents screen, quick settings toggles, notifications shade and the Settings app. Vulkan API availability for games adds great visual experience in the games. Multi-windows and direct reply are a performance boost for multi-tasking. There’s also new Data saver feature, and one app’s notifications are bundled in the notifications shaede on Nougat. All this makes Nougat a game-changer update!

International Galaxy S6 Nougat Update

Expected release date: March-April 2017.

The international version of the Galaxy S6, model no. G920F to be exact, was not only the first S6 set, but also the first Samsung device to get the Marshmallow update, and also 5.1.1 update before that.

As you guessed, the G920F model looks set to rock Nougat update before other S6 variants too, although it would be next in line after the Galaxy S7 models and Note 7 sets have received their share of Nougat.

It took Samsung over 4 months to bring Marshmallow to Galaxy S6, which is around the same time it will take the Korean giant for Galaxy S7 this time around. So for the Galaxy S6, we have to add another 2 months because it’s no longer the latest Galaxy S set, and thus stands a few places behind in the line to receive Nougat update.

Hence, Q2 release looks likely as regards Galaxy S6 Nougat update, although with luck, it could be March 2017. But most probably, it should be April 2017.

Let’s hope Google, in partnership with OEMs, is able to fix the serious issue of delayed Android updates with Nougat, and if that happens, we could see S6 rock Nougat by Feb-March 2017 — as regards which, it’s bound to happen only if Galaxy S7/Note 7 gets to Nougat by December 2016. So, for the S6, we will know in advance when to expect Nougat depending on the update’s timing for the likes of Galaxy S7 and Note 7.

AT&T Galaxy S6 Nougat Update

Expected release date: June 2017.

If you look at the chart above, you would note AT&T’s S6 set took the most time to upgrade to Marshmallow — 224 days, that’s over 7.5 months since Nexus devices received the 6.0 OTA. You have to blame it on carrier, as the international version took only 139 days, while Sprint’s S6 got one after just 156 days too.

We’ve seen AT&T do this to flagships of other OEMs too. Usually, AT&T’s variant receive the update about 2-3 months later than when that of T-Mobile or Sprint.

When we talk about AT&T Galaxy S6 Nougat release, we have to add at least two months to when the first Galaxy S6 receives it, and that brings us to June 2017 release.

Launched with Android 5.0.2 on-board, the first update for the AT&T S6 was G920AUCU1AOE2. Since then, it received the Lollipop 5.1.1 update on September 25, 2015 with build G920AUCU3BO12, and followed it with its biggest update to date in the form of Marshmallow, on May 17, 2016, in build G920AUCU3CPD6, based on Android 6.0.1.

Two updates have followed since then, G920AUCS4CPF1 and G920AUCS4CPG1, the latter dropping on July 19, 2016, and remains the latest update for the AT&T Galaxy S6.

It will receive the Nougat update for sure, but when is the more important factor then whether it will? Samsung supports major updates up to two years since the launch of the device, as vindicated by the Galaxy S5’s Marshmallow update.

Sprint Galaxy S6 Nougat Update

Expected release date: April-May 2017.

Sprint Galaxy S6 was the first among the US carriers to receive Marshmallow, and we’re hopeful it will repeat the feat this time around too when Nougat comes calling. If all goes well, the international Galaxy S6 could be seen rocking the Nougat before other S6 variants, followed only by Sprint’s S6.

If international variant scores Nougat update by March 2017, then April 2017 release of Android 7.0 looks like for Sprint Galaxy S6.

Like all other Galaxy S6 sets, the Sprint’s was released with Android 5.0.2 pre-installed (build G920PVPU1AOCF), which meant the hopes were high for the 5.1.1 Lollipop update — which arrived in due fashion on June 30, 2015 as build G920PVPU2B0F7.

Sprint rolled another major 5.1.1 based update later on, with build G920PVPU2BOH1, that brought the Samsung Pay, High Quality Audio, etc. cool features to the device, on August 24, 2015.

Though, things got hot only when Marshmallow arrived, on March 10, 2016 as build G920PVPU3CPB6, and since then the Sprint S6 has been receiving monthly security update, every month — which is cool, as not many devices get this privilege.

The latest update for Sprint S6 came two days before, on July 28, as version G920PVPS3CPG1, with changelog limited to Android security updates.

Another update has hit the Sprint Galaxy S6, which comes as software version G920PVPU3CPG3, based on 6.0.1. The update brings Android security patches only, nothing else.

T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Nougat Update

Expected release date: April-May 2017.

T-Mobile is generally pretty quick with updates. The carrier’s Galaxy S6 was the first to rock Android 5.1.1 update among all S6 variants, and the carrier wasn’t far behind Sprint when it came to Marshmallow.

As regards Android 7.0 for the T-Mobile Galaxy S6, one can remain hopeful. We think the international S6 will don the 7.0 update first of all, by April 2017, and around one month later, T-Mobile’s Galaxy S6 could be expected to receive the said Nougat update too. So, May 2017 looks likely, although it could be April 2017 too easily, depending much on Samsung and Google’s combined efforts with quicker Nougat release.

The last major update to hit the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 was G920TUVU4EPF1, based on Android 6.0.1, that brought the June security fixes along with Anti-theft protection.

Latest updates: G920TUES5DPL1 (December patch), G920TUVS4EPH2 (July and August security patches).

T-Mobile just confirmed that the Nougat update will definitely come to Galaxy S6. Yes, we didn’t exactly needed that as it was pretty obvious thing, but anyway, it’s good of T-Mobile to come forward and speak something on this. The carrier listed basically the top devices of Samsung and HTC devices from 2015 and 2016, up for Nougat update.


Verizon Galaxy S6 Nougat Update

Expected release date: June-July 2017.

Sprint’s Galaxy S6 will receive the Nougat update before the Verizon one, and when the former’s update is out, you can be sure that within next month or two, Nougat for Verizon Galaxy S6 will be out too.

Verizon surprised us with the Marshmallow update when it started rolling out the 6.0.1 update before T-Mobile, but that’s only good news. Let’s hope the traditionally-lagging carrier is able to speed up the update process this time around too, and that 7.0 for Verizon S6 comes sooner than later.

Verizon Galaxy S6 took 177 days more than the Nexus 6.0.1 release, which is better than T-Mobile’s 188, but worse than Sprint’s 156 days record in US.

The latest update to rock Verizon Galaxy S6 is G920VVRU4CPF4, and it brings Factory Data Reset protection.

Latest updates: G920VVRS4CPL3 (December security patch).

US Cellular Galaxy S6 Nougat update

Expected release date: May 2017.

US Cellular is generally quick among the US carriers. While its sets have never received an update before other carriers, its devices never lag behind too much, like that of AT&T. So, once the Nougat update is out for a carrier in US, you can expect it to drop down for US Cellular Galaxy S6 within one-two months.

That puts the like date to May-June 2017, with May more likely than June.

The US Cellular Galaxy S6 received the 5.1.1 update in a timely manner with build G920R4TYU3BOJ3, while its Marshmallow update wasn’t far behind other US carriers with build G920R4TYU3CPB4. The latest update is G920R4TYU3CPF5 BTW.

Canadian Galaxy S6 Nougat Update

Expected release date: June 2017.

The bunch of carriers in Canada sell the Galaxy S6, and the situation isn’t too good in this region of earth when it comes to Android updates. For example, the Rogers Galaxy S6 is yet to see a day in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, while other carriers receive it only after the likes of AT&T and Verizon started rolling out the 6.0.1 update, and these two aren’t among the first ones when it comes to updates. Ever.

So, expect the Nougat update for Canadian Galaxy S6 set to arrive in the last batch of Nougat rollout for Galaxy S6, around June 2017.

That’s it.

Update: The latest update currently available for the Canadian S6 sets is G920W8VLU4CPG2.


What do you think about Samsung and its update standards? We know the Korean OEM isn’t the quickest, which can be said of Motorola, but does Samsung fare too bad when it comes to last year’s flagship’s updates? It surely looks so.

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