Samsung Galaxy S6 model number list leaked, confirms Galaxy S6 Edge variant

Rumors are gearing up for the Samsung Galaxy S6, we saw metal framing for the Galaxy S6 yesterday but it was later confirmed to be a prototype of some Galaxy Alpha device. It’s rumored that Samsung is working to heavily change the design with Galaxy S6 and it’ll be completely different from any of Samsung’s current devices, the whole thing is codenamed as project zero.

Unfortunately though, even after so many rumors going on for the 2015’s flagship phone from Samsung, we still don’t have anything concrete on the device. But thanks to upleaks, we now at-least have the Galaxy S6 model number list for all regions and carriers the device will be officially released for. But more interestingly, the model number list also confirms the Galaxy S6 Edge variant that we heard about last week.

The leaked list includes two model numbers for the Galaxy S6 — SM-G920 and SM-G925. If we go by the model number scheme of Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, we’ll find the similar difference between model number of the two devices. All Galaxy Note 4 models are SM-N910 and all Galaxy Note Edge models are SM-N915.

Now upleaks is a trusted source when it comes to stuff like this, so we believe it’s true. The Galaxy S6 Edge is very real.



  • SM-G920F
  • SM-G920I
  • SM-G925F (Edge)
  • SM-G925I (Edge)


  • SM-G9200 – China
  • SM-G9208 – China
  • SM-G9209 – China
  • SM-G9250 – China (Edge)


  • SM-G920A – AT&T
  • SM-G920P – Sprint
  • SM-G920R – US Cellular
  • SM-G920T – T-Mobile US
  • SM-G920V – Verizon
  • SM-G925A – AT&T (Edge)
  • SM-G925T – T-Mobile US (Edge)
  • SM-G925R – US Cellular (Edge)
  • SM-G925P – Sprint (Edge)
  • SM-G925V – Verizon (Edge)


  • SM-G920W – Canada etc
  • SM-G925W – Canada etc (Edge)


  • SM-G925D – NTT DOCOMO (Edge)
  • SM-G925J – KDDI (Edge)


  • SM-G920K – KT
  • SM-G920L – LG Telecom
  • SM-G920S – SK Telecom
  • SM-G925K – KT (Edge)
  • SM-G925L – LG Telecom (Edge)
  • SM-G925S – SK Telecom (Edge)


  • SM-G920M – Brazil


  • SM-G920X
  • SM-G925X (Edge)

via upleaks, image credit YouTube

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  • Gus

    Hello I need to know wich is a correct SM-G920xxx model for Argentina LTE band . Band 4 (AWS 1700 / 2100 MHz.)
    Thanks in advance

    • For Argentina it is SM-G920I for Galaxy S6 and SM-G925I for S6 edge.