Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge update: Nougat rolling out from Rogers

Update [May 04, 2017]: Rogers is now distributing Android 7.0 Nougat to the S6 Edge. The update is seeding all over Canada and finally lets you taste all that Nougat has to offer. The update is rolling out in stages, so if you haven’t already received the update notification, be sure to check manually via Settings » About » Software update.

Update [April 28, 2017]: Samsung is now rolling out the April security patch as software version G925FXXU5EQD3. The update tags along various performance improvements and bug fixes too. Download the update over WiFi to save on data charges.

Update [April 25, 2017]: Nougat has just hit the Canadian shores for the S6 Edge. The update, going by build G925W8VLU5DQD1, is seeding over the air. Nougat introduces you to all the cool knick-knacks like bundled notifications, quick reply, improved Doze mode, native multi window support and lots more. The update also applies the latest security patch  to your device.

Update [April 12, 2017]: Sprint is starting to roll out Nougat to the Galaxy S6 Edge now. Arriving as build number G925PVPU4DQC7, the update finally lets your rock Android 7.0 Nougat on your device. The update which is being seeded over the air as we speak, is sized at around 1068MB. Nougat will let you experience a host of new features, which include split window, revamped settings menu, a new and improved user experience and a whole lot more. Make sure to charge your device to at  least 50% and download over WiFi as it is a pretty big update.

Update [April 06, 2017]: AT&T has begun rolling out the March security patch for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Going as software version G925AUCS6DQC1, the update brings along bug fixes, system enhancements and other performance improvements, in addition to installing the latest security patch.

Update [March 09, 2017]: The long awaited Galaxy S6 Edge Nougat update is now finally being rolled out by Samsung. Coming to the European countries first, the update is 1.3GB in size and comes with firmware build number G925FXXU5EQBG.


Update [February 11, 2017]: A new OTA update is rolling out for the Galaxy S6 Edge users in Europe and Asia, including India, for the unlocked variant that comes as model no. SM-G925F. The update carries the software version of G925FXXU5DQAJ, and packs in February security patch, while it’s still based on Marshmallow.

We know you have been waiting patiently for the Galaxy S6 Edge Nougat update, but its seems your device would see a day in Android 7.0 only in March. The Feb release of the 7.0 update looks highly unlikely at the moment, even though we’ve spotted the update clear out at WiFi authorities, which is one big indication that update is around corner.

Update [February 07, 2017]: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Sprint variant (G925P) is receiving a minor OTA update with January security patch. The update comes with build G925PVPS4CQA2. If you haven’t received the update notification yet, go to device Settings » About phone and manually check for the update from there.

Update [January 31, 2017]: The Galaxy S6 Edge is up for Android 7.0 Nougat update in February, and today’s leak even further confirms it. The user manual, for the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+, is now available as Samsung Russia that includes clears mentions it’s meant for Nougat update, and highlights Android 7.0’s features like split-screen, etc. In case you were under doubt about the February release, this info should put that to rest now.


Update [January 14, 2017]: The AT&T Galaxy S6 Edge variant is also receiving the December security patch update with firmware build G925AUCS5DPK2. The update is 16.7MB in size and is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.


Update [December 29, 2016]: The December patch is now available for the Galaxy S6 Edge sets, as Verizon today began pushing out the OTA update to its users. The update comes as software version G925VVRS4CPL3 and remains a small security update, with nothing else on its agenda. If you were hoping for the Android 7.0 Nougat build, that remains unreleased right now, with release hoped in February 2017. For the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge, build no. G925TUES5DPL1 installs the December security patch.


Update [November 23, 2016]: AT&T just came up with a November patch of it own for the Galaxy S6 sets at the carrier. The update’s software version is G925AUCS5DPK1, and it comes at very small size of just 21.05MB. What else, you ask? Well, nothing else could be part of the update of that size, and the official changelog for PK1 build doesn’t mention any either. So, that’s that. We think you’ll live with December ’16 and January ’17 security patch updates with Marshmallow only, as Nougat for AT&T S6 can only be expected in and around February ’17.


Update [November 13, 2016]: Galaxy S6 edge has a Nougat build under testing at Samsung HQs, where it’s being identified as G925FXXS5DPK7. Though, don’t expect the Android 7.0 update to come with the same build no. as the release candidate version would be quite different. The expected release date of the S6 Edge Nougat update is January 2017.

Update [November 09, 2016]: Samsung today released the Nougat update beta for its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge users in Korea, which actually starts one big lengthy process for the company to bring the Android 7.0 update to all eligible devices, which are many. Now, the Galaxy S6 Edge Nougat beta may not happen, neither right now nor later. Here’s why?

Because once Samsung is done getting feedback and quashing out bugs and issues, it will roll out the final and stable version of its 7.0 update for Galaxy S7. And when S7 Nougat rollout is done, the Nougat update will be released for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. So, there is no need for the beta update for all Samsung devices once Samsung has done that for first device. Screenshot below shows S7 Edge Nougat beta for Korean user.


Update [November 05, 2016]: Samsung has started the release of November patch for the Galaxy S6 Edge sets around the world, beginning with Russia. Coming in as build G925FXXU4DPJN, the update is already available as OTA and firmware. Here are some screenshots of the ‘About device’ screen, that shows PJN update with November patch.


Update [November 04, 2016]: Samsung has the Nougat update ready and is looking to test it out as beta before its final release to users worldwide. With that in mind, the Korea giant today released the Galaxy Beta program app, wherein you can enroll into beta program, allowing Samsung to push the Nougat update to your device, if and when it things okay. Look here if you want to download galaxy beta program apk, and participate in the program.

Practically, we don’t see Galaxy S6 Edge benefiting from this program right away. You can enroll into it, but we think Samsung would not be releasing the Nougat update to S6 Edge until December end.

Update [October 28, 2016]: AT&T have released the October patch for their Galaxy S6 Edge via an OTA update today, which comes as software version G925AUCS5DPJ1. The PJ1 update can be downloaded directly on device using the ‘System updates’ option under Settings.

Update [October 26, 2016]: The update carrying the October patch is now rolling out for the Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge, SM-G925P, coming in as software version G925PVPS4CPJ1. The PJ1 update’s changelog is available, but there is nothing else part of it than the Android security patch, as you can see in the screenshot below.


Update [September 29, 2016]: Sprint has confirmed too that they are rolling out the September patch as an update. The new update is already out as an OTA, and comes as version G925PVPS4CPI3. With the Nougat update not in sight for Galaxy S6 yet, we expect Sprint to keep rolling out similar updates like this for the next 3-4 months, packing in monthly security patches. There is nothing else on the changelog, so that’s that about the PI3 update.


Update [September 22, 2016]: A new build known by codename G925VVRS4CPI2 is heading towards S6 Edge users at Verizon, which installs the latest monthly security patch form Google, of September 2016. Verizon doesn’t mention anything else in the changelog, so we will take it as that’s all that is part of the update.

Update [September 20, 2016]: AT&T has begun the roll out fo a new build for its Galaxy S6 Edge users, one that is known by software version G925AUCU4DPH5, and brings the Wi-Fi calling feature to the device. The PH5 update is over 450 MB in size, and also brings system enhancements and August level security patch.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the top devices of last year, that essentially was the major step towards making Samsung the unthinkable: the king of mobile phone design that it currently is, with the Galaxy Note 7, the latest iteration of the Galaxy devices furnishing curved display. Its Nougat update will be anticipated very wildly too, naturally, so let’s talk about it in some details below.

The release of Android Nougat update Galaxy S6 Edge would vary depending on the region or carrier you use the device on. There isn’t a sure-fire date when it would release on all S6 Edge variants, but one thing is sure, it would coincide with Nougat release for Galaxy S6, as both of them essentially run same software, except for addition of Edge related features on S6 Edge.


Why the above chart? Let’s see to this first.

Well, simply put, today, Galaxy S6 is no longer latest Samsung flagship, which is Galaxy S7. So, S6 is last year’s flagship waiting for the latest update in Android 7.0, similar to what Galaxy S5 was in 2015, when waiting for Marshmallow. Tracking the release date of Galaxy S5 Marshmallow, we think, thus, will give us a fair idea of carrier performance (delay is yellow colored text) and expected Nougat release (green text). What do you think?

Galaxy S6 Edge Nougat update: What’s new?

Rumors are floating around that Samsung would bring the GraceUX from Note 7 to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and even if that is something yet to happen, we could see Samsung bestowing the new UI of its to Galaxy S6 Edge as well. The info comes from Sammobile.

But that’s just one part of the whole excitement package Nougat is. What you get from Samsung in GraceUX is just a custom skin, the inside comes from Google in the form of Android 7.0 and its new set of features and revised UI.

The Doze mode is improved in 7.0, while the recents screen is a lot more spacious. The Settings apps show too-good meaningful into right at the outset of every option, so that you don’t have to tap into its options to get obvious info. The notifications shade is totally revamped, allowing you to directly reply to message — the Allo app even puts the automated reply choices (text and Emojis) right there, you just have to tap inside the notifications shade to reply, no need to open the app.

Double tapping on recents button gets you to previous app, which is a serious performance boost for multi-tasking. This is a feature that is impossible to live without now that we’ve used it. Quick settings toggles are given a new look too, and you unlock more with System UI Tuner.

Unlocked Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925F/FD/i)

Expected Nougat update release date: January 2017.

The expected release date as per the chart above is March 2017, but because the Nougat’s code has been available with Android OEM partners for long, we think the whole update process will be a bit shorter than Marshmallow.

But still, we don’t think the S6 Edge Nougat update would arrive anytime this year, but January 2017 release looks very likely. The devices that are sure to receive the 7.0 update before the S6 and S6 Edge are Galaxy S7 and Note 7. So, when the update begins and reaches end stage for these two devices would play a role for S6 Edge Nougat update release too.

AT&T Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925A)

Expected Nougat update release date: April 2017.

With Nougat update, Google has tried once again to reduce the time taken for updates by OEMs and carrier, and this has shared the 7.0’s code long before it released it for Nexus devices. Hence’s the release for Nougat update shouldn’t as much time as Marshmallow took.

So, even though the above chart shows expected date to 13 July 2017, we think the update would be early by good 1-2 months, hence the May 2017 release of Nougat for AT&T Galaxy S6 edge.

Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925P)

Expected Nougat update release date: February 2016.

If Sprint is able to beat the global variant — usually the latter gets the major Android OS update below US carriers — then not only would that be incredible, but the release for the carrier could happen in December 2016 itself.

But if not, then too January 2017 release looks likely because Nougat update would take less time rolling out than Marshmallow.

A new update is rolling out starting form today for Galaxy S6 Edge users at Sprint, coming in hot as build G925PVPU3CPG3, based on 6.0.1 — no Nougat yet. It brings latest Google security patches for the Android devices, which is all about its changelog.

T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925T)

Expected Nougat update release date: February 2017.

T-Mobile has been pretty quick with updates, but not as quick as Sprint when we saw Marshmallow roll out for Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S5 users around the world.

So, adding a month to Sprint’s release makes good sense, and the chart’s date can be beaten easily too, as we think Nougat would took around a month less time to release than Marshmallow did.

Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925V)

Expected Nougat update release date: February 2017.

Lately, Verizon is not lagging far behind T-Mobile when pushing out new Android OS updates. Once again, release of Nougat for carrier’s S7, Note 7, etc. will give us even more idea of when we could expect the Nougat to release for Verizon S6 Edge.

Update: Verizon is rolling out a new update today — September 02 — improves Advanced calling for its Edge Plus users, apart from installing the Barcode Beaming service — you don’t need a Barcode scanner app now — and new ways to let you share images and profile pics. The update comes as build G928VVRU2BPG5, and removes Amazon Music app.


US Cellular Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925R4)

Expected Nougat update release date: February 2017.

The US Cellular S6 sets could receive the Nougat update well before Verizon and T-Mobile, but even then January release looks unlikely. It could be January-end, or February-beginning, yes!

Canadian Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925W8)

Expected Nougat update release date: February 2017.

We have seen many a times Canadian sets receive the update around same time as their T-Mobile variants, mostly because they both sport same hardware and software. Hence, Feb rollout seems like the right guess.

Until we hear a confirmation from Samsung, this is all we could tell you about the Nougat release date for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Do let us know your thoughts on this using the comments section below.

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