Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update: XXDLIH


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  • Daniel Rieger

    Alright, i did it, it works. But its not butter smooth and now JB is available where i live. How do i “cancel” the manual one and install the official one? Do i have to wipe it? How do i do this?

  • Kamal Kanwadia

    After few hiccups, it worked, this is my first tryst with fooling around my phone. but it worked.

  • Brendan Sumasar

    Have it about 5 minutes… and it does indeed work butter smooth. Thanks. WIll let you guys know if ther are any issues.

  • Jay-ar

    is this English Language? is this compatible to any firmware version? im using i9300XXLH1.thanks..

  • TonyFromOz

    i9300T Telstra Australia Handset 3G (NOT LTE Model – First release)

    Followed these instructions with 100% success.

    Well Done ^_^

  • Prateek Bansal

    @itskapil:disqus Bro you are a genius. Confirming this is working for me on my S3 in India. No need for data wiping also. Worked flawlessly.. Kies working fine. Phone connecting fine. But this doesn’t have English (India) as a language.

  • Prateek Bansal

    Trying this tonite…fingers crossed… @itskapil:disqus if this fails..I hope I can count on you..

  • Mike

    Hi. Is anyone having any problems with connecting the device via USB after this upgrade? I upgraded my i9300 and all is perfect except I can’t connect it via USB to any computer any more… device is not recognized.

  • nitesh

    @itskapil:disqus thanks buddy, will try to install this link…

  • Bhanie

    Does this void the warranty? Will kies detect my phone if I do this procedure?

  • kenshin

    my phone is getting stuck or rather hangs whn i go to gallery…….directly….or after takinga pic thru the camera…ne body facing this problem….

    • Kapil

      Try this — go to settings – apps – gallery – clear data . Do this and see of it starts working okay.

  • Hanamichi

    hey bro, thank you for the amazing 2nd update, I have a question please, I’ve heard in another website that it does not contain ARABIC language, is that right ? thank you , I couldn’t try it myself because I don’t have galaxy s3 but I really need the answer,, thank you again bro.

    • Kapil

      Will let you know shortly.

  • Abdullah Qaraeen

    but why is this 761.9 MB and the poland one is 774 MB ?

  • Auridas Franckevičius

    is this different in any way from I9300XXDLIB?

    • luke

      Id like to know this also

  • Blasio17

    Link seems to go to wrong file!

    • Kapil

      Link corrected. Thanks!