Samsung Galaxy S3 India Release Date and Price is Out


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  • GDN

    how is the battery’s back up of S3?

  • Naveen

    so expensive.

  • Karan Mishra

    dis will be mine next big thing :) bt aftr gettin a job :P

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Better be quick, or they’ll be releasing 8-core phones and then the S3 will be outdated :P

      • Karan Mishra

        hahahaha juzz waitin for dec :P

  • Tomasvisockis

    38000 whats that in euros?

    • Kapil

      Use this in Google search to get that converted at current rate: convert inr 38000 to euros

      This will get you price in euros at current rate.

  • Scorpio_9110

    its good but price is little high…

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      If street and market prices are really Rs. 34000, then it’s quite a good deal for the hardware. Guess now with premium devices = quad core devices, such prices are gonna be normal..

      • Deepak Sewani

        I dont think the prices will be so low though i hope they are :D