Samsung Galaxy Note gets another Jelly Bean firmware leaked — XXLSA


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  • Baku2313

    can i use mobile odin pro for flashing rom

  • ZhaNg SiaNg Ljf

    my phone sometimes become black screen and reboot

    • //M Sergani

      Tried wiping Data, Dalvik etc…?

  • Teri

    I thought the N7000 already had ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM) installed?!?

    I am on 4.1.1 an i can comfortably press the Power + Volume Up + Home button and get ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM) so is there any need to install it again or can i just flash the same way i flashed the 4.1.1 Stock ROM here? ->

    Thanks :-)

    • mad_rao

      The device comes with stock Android recovery installed…it is not CWM…does the recovery screen say ClockworkMod..if it does, you are good to go, if it doesn’t you need to get it to be able to flash custom ROMs