Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM): Downloads and Step-by-step Guide


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  • Ahmed Ghawanmeh


  • Ahmed Ghawanmeh

    it`s very easy <3

  • Turk

    I’m rooted on my n900a is there a cwm for the n900a yet?

    • Kapil

      Which region you’re from?

  • sejmand

    is there a workaround for a mac ?
    does it work with heimdall?

  • mata

    hi I have seen on the odin pass but the phone didnt restart. shall I reboot it manually?

    • Kapil

      Yes. Remove battery and then insert it back in few seconds… then reboot.

  • computerlife22

    I rooted previously using Root De La Vega, preventing the KNOX flag from turning on. Will ClockworkMod set the KNOX flag on if I flash this to my Verizon Galaxy Note 3?

    • Kapil

      Don’t try the above as it is only for international Note 3, not for your Verizon Note 3.

      I’ll get you link for your Verizon Note 3’s recovery shortly, please wait.

  • roberthenderson

    Mine is 900V,so that’s a nono right?

    • Kapil

      Let me check.. wait for some time.