Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specs Appear Again ─ 12MP Camera and 5.3-inch Flexible LED Display Rumored!


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  • john

    I have the note at the moment. If they go with flexible i will be heading to the SGS3 or One XL.

    PS 12MP is overkill. I would prefer they make the 8MP camera better.

    Note to the author. quadcore is not compatible with LTE at the moment.

  • L. Foghorn

    The question is why. Why would the note 2 have a flexible screen? What purpose would it serve? If the anseers are plausible, practible, and aid the user relationship to the device, the rumor could be sliiightly possible. But as i see it, i see no practible application for it.

  • yarrellray

    I look forward to this device no question. I am moving away from Verizon and it’s CDMA network after the GALAXY NEXUS fiasco. I will picking up my new GALAXY S3 device soon then will wait for either the next Nexus or Note 2 hopefully jellybean will be on both. Rumor has it the next Nexus will launch November early that always is the first device with the new operating system software. So maybe the NOTE 2 launches late November early December. Either way my new GALAXY S3 will hold me over till then GSM TECHNOLOGY beats anything CDMA plain and simple Verizon can get lost with it’s over pricing and under rated network