Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Specs Appear Again ─ 12MP Camera and 5.3-inch Flexible LED Display Rumored!

It’s far from official yet, and might not be official ever, but a Korean newspaper has it that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will feature a quad-core processor, 12 MP camera and on top of all, a 5.3” flexible LED display – which is something we haven’t seen on any phone yet, let alone other gadgets. And moreover – another biggie here – the Galaxy Note 2 will be launched with Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 maybe, pre-installed – which should make it second device to launch with Jelly Bean, if as we heard, the next Nexus is the first one. Interesting, right?

While the earlier rumors about the Galaxy Note 2 specs pointed to a 5.5” Super AMOLED HD display, this time around the screen is back to original Note’s 5.3” size, while the display has been tipped as a flexible one, which will be first of its kind – and we would believe only when Samsung officially announces it.

Man, no other specs found their place in this set of rumors sadly, which would have surely made it more interesting, but here is a quick recap of earlier rumors: high-res of 1680 x 1050 pixels, 1.5 GB RAM, Quad-core processor which is 4G/LTE capable too, etc.

We can just hope that the best of both rumors comes to life, which would make Galaxy Note 2 spec-sheet to: 5.3″ flexible LED display with res of 1680 x 1050 pixels, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 12 MP camera, 1.5 GB RAM, Quad-core Processor with LTE/4G support, etc. Man, all of this does sound very cool!

But, the game’s gone dirty with rumors, as there aren’t many rumors in the past regarding Sammy devices which have actually made it to official spec-sheet. The yesterday’s Galaxy Note 10.1 listing at Amazon was the latest disappointment. Also, none of rumors about the Galaxy S3 – regarding the pics, or specs – actually came to life.

So yes, we will definitely take it with more than just grain of salt, and would wait for an official announcement from Samsung to believe the flexible display thing. It would be quite a feat if Samsung is able to pull it rightly. Samsung is already known for its flexible displays, which the company loves to call as “YOUM”, so it’s not entirely out of world thing and not at all an impossible thing to achieve in today’s terms. So, let’s see – the rumored release date of the Galaxy Note 2 is October, which isn’t very far – okay, it is – but we could expect an official announcement in a month or so, very hopefully.

What will be more interesting even if Samsung manages to install a flexible display in Galaxy Note 2 is, how will Samsung do it? What do you think?

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  1. yarrellray says: Reply

    I look forward to this device no question. I am moving away from Verizon and it’s CDMA network after the GALAXY NEXUS fiasco. I will picking up my new GALAXY S3 device soon then will wait for either the next Nexus or Note 2 hopefully jellybean will be on both. Rumor has it the next Nexus will launch November early that always is the first device with the new operating system software. So maybe the NOTE 2 launches late November early December. Either way my new GALAXY S3 will hold me over till then GSM TECHNOLOGY beats anything CDMA plain and simple Verizon can get lost with it’s over pricing and under rated network

  2. L. Foghorn says: Reply

    The question is why. Why would the note 2 have a flexible screen? What purpose would it serve? If the anseers are plausible, practible, and aid the user relationship to the device, the rumor could be sliiightly possible. But as i see it, i see no practible application for it.

  3. john says: Reply

    I have the note at the moment. If they go with flexible i will be heading to the SGS3 or One XL.

    PS 12MP is overkill. I would prefer they make the 8MP camera better.

    Note to the author. quadcore is not compatible with LTE at the moment.

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