Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sales reach 5 million in less than two months


If someone told you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was too large and hence won’t find many takers, well, they were wrong, as Samsung is reporting that they have now sold five million units of the Galaxy Note 2 in under two months, and two million of those were in November alone, no doubt helped by its release in the US.

This is nowhere near how many Galaxy S3 Samsung has sold, but it is still a great achievement considering the fact that we are talking about a smartphone that has a huge 5.5″ display. But apparently, people aren’t too fazed by that, and I guess the the S Pen and the unique feature of multi-window multitasking not found on any other smartphone helped spur the sales of the Galaxy Note 2 as well, and not to mention high-end specifications and a beautiful display.

Congratulations Samsung, here’s a toast to your continued success.

Via: Engadget | Source: Samsung Korea

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