Samsung Galaxy NOTE 2 Update: Android 4.3 based N7100XXUEMI6 firmware leaked


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  • arthur

    the password doesnt work

  • dave

    Hi i hsve note 2 N7100 and upgrade fron 4.1.2 to.this rom 4.3 ,first experience is battery work bad. It dont have air command and have knox . Then is true I cannot downgrade to 4.1.2 ?

  • HadiPirali

    i usin 4.3 and after 1 day downgrade to 4.1.2 official after it :( no signal and my imei is changed! and … :( help me ?? :(

    • Kapil

      Upgrade back to Android 4.3.

      I guess, you cannot downgrade now because KNOX in the Android 4.3 prevents that.

    • dave

      Hi you could downgrade to 4.1.2 official?

  • Prince Ram

    WARNING : N7100 BATTERY DRAIN VERY FAST ; From 100% to 19% in 10 hours in standby alone !

  • Mk Hafizan

    this good

  • Thadu

    Installed and rooted. Keyboard swipe feature no longer works. Several bugs when rooted.

  • shaman virk

    let say we update our devices with this custom testing firmware then if samsung release the official 4.3 on the fly. will our devices get that update ?

    • Shivam

      Be it Android 4.3 or any other release, you’ll always be able to update your device to official releases by Samsung using Odin, if not via OTA or Kies.

  • trps


  • Ram Prasad

    hi shivam..thanks for saved my bricked phone..thank u vvery much!

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