Samsung Further Delays the Android 2.2 Update for Galaxy S Phones


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  • Daniel

    Samsung’s website is saying the same thing they said about media hub, “contact your provider.”

    • Kapil

      Well, in US, the system is always that the manufacturer hands over the latest android OS upgrade to the carrier, who is the ‘provider’, to release the update in their own way to their subscriber.

      Elsewhere, Samsung has released the Froyo, but it is far from satisfaction. Lets see how Samsung handles this.

      Their is one more hope, though. Since Samsung is making the next Google Phone, called the Nexus S, they will have their hands on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread pretty sooner than others. So, we hope that they update their Galaxy S phone too, with Gingerbread, real soon after Nexus S hits the stores!