Samsung Further Delays the Android 2.2 Update for Galaxy S Phones

Samsung Android 2.2 Update Delay

Such a laggard Samsung has been in updating its hot-seller Galaxy S devices to Android 2.2 that many might furiously spill out at the very thought of buying a Samsung Android Phone. Yet, Samsung somehow managed to bag the Google Nexus phone deal and is indeed making one, the Nexus S. Well, the Nexus deal is indeed in the best interest of users since they get a very very reliable source of updates in Google itself, and don’t need to suffer at the hands of Samsung’s under-performing software team.

Don’t call us crazy. Samsung has supposedly sold more than 5 million Galaxy S phones (including its variants, Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate and EPIC and others) which although not official, might be a sale record among android phones. Yet, the company seems totally cool that its users have to do with outdated android 2.1 when Motorola and HTC have already updated their flagship devices to android’s latest version 2.2 ages before.

Worse, only few moments ago, Samsung Mobile Canada told their customers that the Froyo update for Captivate and Vibrant handsets has been pushed to mid-December while those who were fascinated by Verizon’s Fascinate should keep themselves interested till early 2011, by which time it’s very much possible that Samsung’s own Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone — the Nexus S or the Galaxy 2 — would be selling hot in the shelves of nearby stores of Fascinate users. What a tyranny!

Far away, it’s also gossiped that Sammy might leapfrog to Android 2.3, totally skipping the android 2.2, which is cool but who are we now to tell you to trust Samsung, or even the gossipers. But if it happens, it would be good and kind too, since it’s still Samsung, but is it really worth waiting for Q1 2011 for an update while living day-after-day with self-accusations of not purchasing any HTC or Motorola phone. Maybe? You better tell us.

We know it’s not that bad for all of you guys out there who hold and are proud of 4 inch Super AMOLED display capable of producing the best gaming graphics on android phones and even run the .mkv format videos as easily as it can get (while the users of latest HTC phones beat their head and beg for Samsung’s video drivers for their phones too!). But if you get even a tad of nerdiness in you, you’d know what you’re missing in Froyo!

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  1. Daniel says: Reply

    Samsung’s website is saying the same thing they said about media hub, “contact your provider.”

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Well, in US, the system is always that the manufacturer hands over the latest android OS upgrade to the carrier, who is the ‘provider’, to release the update in their own way to their subscriber.

      Elsewhere, Samsung has released the Froyo, but it is far from satisfaction. Lets see how Samsung handles this.

      Their is one more hope, though. Since Samsung is making the next Google Phone, called the Nexus S, they will have their hands on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread pretty sooner than others. So, we hope that they update their Galaxy S phone too, with Gingerbread, real soon after Nexus S hits the stores!

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