Samsung Dive Unplugged on the Galaxy S, Enhances Security Features.


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  • Bryon Kaili

    I’m a present Omnia (910) user on Verizon who was really disappointed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Samsung’s shell. Wound up acquiring SPB Mobile Shell to acquire a usable interface and needed to abandon Exchange electronic mail as a result of protection restrictions. Basically anytime you tried to spot or obtain a call, you had to enter your PIN and I was missing calls being a outcome. Finally made a decision to abandon smartphones to the time being (economic factors) and wait for an excellent Android system. The Galaxy S (Facinate) must fit the bill. Disappointed to hear of the GPS troubles. Let me add that Verizon’s 3G support was great throughout and I at some point stopped applying WiFi mainly because V3G was a lot rapid sufficient for me.Interestingly, I’m using the Omnia to be a wireless system all around the property for checking electronic mail, Twitter, Facebook and straightforward browsing. But not as a phone!