Samsung Dive Unplugged on the Galaxy S, Enhances Security Features.


Samsung Galaxy S boasts of some superior hardware in a 4 inch Super AMOLED screen coupled with 1Ghz Hummingbird processor. But there is something which is still unheard of and deserves your attention. Welcome Samsung Dive, an exclusive feature to Samsung Wave and Galaxy S, the latter being the only android phone to feature it.

Samsung Dive is basically an extension to an option ‘Mobile Tracker’ found under settings menu of the Galaxy S.

It helps you to take a dive into the phone via Web when its stolen, so that you can lock the phone remotely and if needed, delete all sensitive data straight away. It also sends you notifications when SIM is changed on the lost device as also the location of the device itself.

Samsung Dive

But here a bit of spoiler. Due to security reasons, it’s available only in selected countries right now, those being Germany and UK. But we know that the Galaxy S is coming to T-Mobile on July 21 as Samsung Vibrant while the AT&T will also be launching it as ‘Samsung Captivate‘ in the coming months. Not to forget, Samsung EPIC 4G with sprint is also coming soon. We hope once either of these carriers launch their respective devices, Samsung Dive is made available in US too. It’s also said that more countries will be added soon.

Here is what you need to do, to get it working on your Galaxy S in case you find yourself in eligible countries.

  • Sign in to your Samsung Account on your phone (check the pic above for what it’s like)
  • Enable ‘Mobile Tracker’ in the Settings Menu
  • Use the website, to access all privileges we discussed above, when phone is lost

That’s it. You are done. Earlier you register better it is, for you don’t know when your phone will be lost, hmm..? Oh! I am talking like an insurance agent, that’s the worst job in this world, you know.

Actually, Samsung Dive offers services similar to those offered by the ‘WaveSecure’ android app. Although WaveSecure offers little more functions than those discussed above, but it costs $20 per year. Now you know what’s Samsung Dive is worth for, right?

Via Samsung Hub

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