Samsung Captivate ICS Rom: Dark Knight


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  • Hari Gangadharan

    I unlocked my Captivate using nv_data hex edit hack. Will upgrading to this ROM break the unlock? I am asking since normal “one click” unlocks did not work for me and I had to slog to get the nv_data hex edit hack work. I really don’t want to loose my network unlock.

  • bougs

    where the heck are the default ringtones and default notifcation sounds ?!??! and how do i even get to choose a ringtone from my music list ?!?!
    there are very few options in the notifications (seems u removed alot of them )

  • avinash

    rom is just good but low performance no speed at all, sucks up with HD video playback
    plz do something to fix video performance.. if it get fixed rom is upto level..

  • magiccat

    I upgraded my phone and everything went smoothly. It works great. The only question I have regards adb. After the upgrade, I can connect to the phone with adb but most adb commands do not work, such as shell, pull, logcat. They just never return to the command prompt. I am running Windows 7 with the Google USB driver that comes with the SDK. I don’t believe the problem is in the phone because adb commands do work when I connect to a Windows XP PC that is running an older (non-Win7 compatible) USB driver from Google.

    • magiccat

      Update: The problem was that I was starting adb with ‘adb usb’ based on reading the options. I could then type ‘adb devices’ and see the phone listed but other commands did not work.Instead, skip ‘adb usb’ and justgo straight to the desired command, such as ‘adb devices’ or ‘adb shell’. This starts the daemon and the command works. So skip the ‘adb usb’ step.

  • disha banerjee

    but even after all this my screen gets on coming back to the reboot recovery menu..what to do?

    • Kapil

      After it’s flashed successfully, it comes to recovery’s main menu only, it’s normal. Just select reboot system now to restart the phone. But you have already done it probably. Anyway, let us know if you need help with this.

  • Playerjunglejosh

    Awesome ROM. Extremely stable, no crashes, no problems installing. It will take about 10 minutes to boot up if turned off, but once up runs as smooth as butter.

  • Radu-Dan Mihai

    How is it? Did someone tried it?